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Design for life

No question: It is not easy to find design furniture in our fast-moving times, which in a few years will still be as current and modern as they are today. With the development of unique desk and workstation concepts, moll has been pursuing the goal for decades of creating a system that accompanies the user in a timeless manner but still offers the highest level of comfort and ergonomics. The greatest challenge is to create a furniture concept which in its basic design can stand the test of time, but with changeable elements can always adapt to the times and current trends. moll has once again succeeded in achieving this to perfection with the new home office series moll unique.

Typical for the moll key, the colored elements can be exchanged at any time and can be varied at will. In addition to the home office desk with drawer, which is available in 7 different colour accents, the matching container moll C7 is also available. In addition to the design-oriented aspect, moll also pays attention to ergonomics at the workplace in the unique series. Because at the touch of a button, the moll T7 is height-adjustable and covers an unprecedented range of adjustments.  An ergonomically correct desk chair is at least as important as a height-adjustable desk. The two Design swivel chairs moll S6 and moll S9 offer every ergonomic comfort. In addition to the seat depth, the seat height can also be individually adjusted.

Children’s dreams – great design for the little ones

Childhood is a magical time – with boundless imagination and childlike carefreeness, children experience great adventures. Nothing encourages their imagination more than a colourful environment as they dream of. The high-quality moll children’s desks adapt flexibly to current needs and can be easily adjusted in height. They also offer plenty of storage space and useful surface area.  The children’s furniture, which can be designed to suit children, not only makes little adventurers happy, but also gives style-conscious parents a good feeling thanks to the use of pollutant-free, easy-care materials and numerous awards for safety, ergonomics and design.

moll’s children’s desks and youth desks, which grow with the children, accompany the children from school enrolment through to graduation. Many are passed on from one generation to the next. In addition to the height-adjustable children’s desks, other children’s furniture is available for back-friendly learning. The moll Maximo and moll Scooter swivel chairs, together with the moll Flexlight and moll Mobilight children’s desk lamps, form the perfect ergonomic workplace.

Favourite learning places holistically thought

Infinite creativity and the gift of creating our own worlds with the power of thought – what happens in the heads of our children often makes us marvel. With almost 100 years of experience, it is safe to say that moll understands his craft and always has his finger on the pulse of time. When developing new furniture, moll always looks through the eyes of children and manages to develop well thought-out systems while still retaining the childlike magic. Many patented developments and awards bear witness to the leading development work that moll does. Because only when the table, chair and light can be optimally adapted to the body, working method and room, does the learning space become a favourite place.

With its research and technology, moll maximises the perfect interplay of sustainable and environmentally friendly products in combination with unlimited creativity. As the inventor of the height-adjustable children’s desk, moll has been committed to the ergonomic design of the perfect learning space for over 40 years. In addition to the height-adjustable children’s desk, the ergonomic swivel chair is an important piece of furniture in the interplay for ergonomics at the workplace.

But which is the right desk for children?

If you are one of the design-orientated people looking for innovative functions, the model moll Champion will certainly suit your taste. The moll Winner or moll Winner Compact model is available in many decor variants and thus brings playful lightness into the children’s room. The new Joker children’s desk has been added to the product range as an entry model into the world of moll.

All moll children’s desks are height-adjustable and grow with the child’s height. No matter whether moll Champion, moll Winner or moll Joker – all children’s furniture can be tilted and inclined and thus adapt to the size and needs of the kids. No matter whether they are looking for a children’s desk with a split tabletop, a desk for youngsters with a cable channel or a designer swivel chair. Everyone will find their ideal workplace here.

In addition, there are matching desk pedestals for each model as well as matching swivel chairs that also grow with the child.

Desk for children of all ages

In your child’s room, the moll children’s desk is the central functional and design element, which with its flexibility accompanies your child from kindergarten to young adulthood and supports it functionally and ergonomically in all activities. The moll children’s desks always have the right answer to the question of the right size at hand. In addition to a large work surface for writing, painting and reading, the children’s desks also offer plenty of storage space to keep things tidy and have the most important utensils always at hand.

The desks for children and young people are height adjustable. You can find out what the right height for your child´s desk and how to adjust it correctly in our product guide. The height adjustment guarantees that the desk grows with your child up to a height of two metres. In addition to the height adjustment, the moll child children’s deks can also be set an angle – for better health and ergonomics.

Adjustable in all dimensions

The moll children’s desks are flexible in a way that is not even known from desks in offices. They can be extended into all dimensions. Cable duct, divided work surface, matching children’s desk lamp – every child can furnish his or her workplace as required. Because in addition to its functionality and ergonomics, the moll children’s desk is also a design element in the children’s room. Available in various decors and designs, the desk can not only be easily integrated into any child’s room, but also assumes the role of a trendsetter.

The moll mobile pedestal complements the children’s desk perfectly and offers a lot of safety, lots of storage space and is a popular tidy aid in the children’s room. If required, the mobile pedestal can be quickly converted into a stool using the optional pad. The moll children’s desk chair from moll is all about ergonomics and functionality, which promotes the healthy dynamic sitting of your child at the desk. A flexible and practical light source is the special children’s desk lamp, which can also be used as a charging station.

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