moll 360 rotating shelves

Flexible lifestyles require flexible space solutions: When changing flats or redesigning the garage, furniture that can be converted and adjusted is therefore particularly suitable. moll has made it its business to manufacture such flexible furniture and produces organisation systems from a single source. Originally developed primarily for the storage of files, Rotafile can do more today. There are almost no limits to the freedom of design. The shelves can be extended individually and can be loaded with up to 75 kg. In addition, many extensions such as partition compartments or roller sets can be retrofitted or colour elements such as the magnetic boards available in 6 colours can be added. In addition to the rotating columns, which are characterised by their round shape, the Sqarefile offers new design possibilities with its square design. Through decades of experience in the production of organisational furniture, Rotafile is today the leading programme when it comes to swivel columns.