moll desk lamps

Natural light is always preferable to artificial light. Adequate basic lighting throughout the room via ceiling lamps or preferably in the form of daylight is elementary. Due to the layout of rooms or due to late learning units, however, it may be that no daylight falls on the work surface of the child’s desk. Therefore, the use of a children’s desk lamp is recommended to relieve the eyes. Therefore, a lighting system that complements the natural light and provides excellent illumination of the desk at all times is recommended. In addition, make sure that a desk is positioned in the room in such a way that the child’s gaze can sometimes wander into the distance. A seat by the window is ideal for this. For optimum reading at the desk, an additional luminaire with an illuminance of about 500 lux is recommended. The glare-free LED children’s desk lamp Flexlight from moll provides optimum reading comfort. Thanks to the built-in USB interfaces, two electrical devices can be charged easily and without an additional socket using a USB charging cable. The clamping foot for plate thicknesses of 12-23 mm allows the light to be placed on all moll desks. Because it is attached directly to the desk, the light of the children’s desk lamp follows the changes in the sloping table top and illuminates the children’s desk optimally at all times.