moll Design chairs

Furnishings always leave a lasting impression when they exactly meet our taste, when they do not meet it at all – or when they manage to surprise us. moll achieves the latter with its design swivel chairs that grow with us. The chairs confidently set themselves apart from the usual designs and impress with their original colours and shapes. With the Design swivel chairs, moll once again demonstrates its intuitive and correct feeling for design, which is both inspiring and timeless.

The basis for ergonomic sitting is the correct adjustment of the chair. It is important that the seat depth and seat height can be individually adjusted to your own proportions and body measurements. Only then can ergonomic sitting be guaranteed. The ergonomic swivel chairs moll S6 and moll S9 offer a range of size adjustments that can be adapted to users of any body size. No matter if adult or preschool child. Because the design chairs from moll are just as suitable for children as they are for adults, thanks to infinitely variable adjustment of seat height and seat depth. Design furniture from moll is designed for ergonomics at the workplace and back-friendly furniture. In addition to function, moll also pays particular attention to design. The futuristic and innovative design speaks a clear language and ensures admiration and recognition from design lovers and trade visitors alike. The moll S9 has already been nominated for and awarded the German Design Award. Award-winning design made in Germany.

Fabric enriches every room with additional dimensions – haptic, visual and aesthetic. To ensure that the designer swivel chair adapts to every room and taste, 8 high-quality fabric covers are available. These can either be freely combined. There are no limits to your preferences.