moll Champion

A children’s desk is not just a piece of furniture for children. It is where homework is done or studied for the next exam. Stress, joy, exhaustion and success. Everyday school life can stir up all kinds of emotions in children. They already notice that one should definitely feel comfortable at such a place. The minor champion can bring this feel-good factor with it. The Champion sets new standards in children’s and young people’s rooms and clearly shows that form and function can be combined very well. No other children’s desk combines design, ergonomics and safety like the Champion. The height of the Champion can be easily adjusted even by children via the integrated yoyo. The rounded corners of the desk provide additional safety. The Champion has an excellent design: in 2012 it received the international Red Dot Design Award and in 2018 it won the renowned German Design Award. The eight accent colours, which are supplied free of charge, also offer the possibility of redesigning the table in many variations and give the high-quality children’s desk a personal touch. But also the coloured side parts of the champion can be bought and exchanged individually. The table sides are available in 12 variants. So the moll Champion can additionally shine with matching highlights. The Cubic mobile pedestal is available to match the moll Champion. The Cubicmax is available for even more storage space.

What makes Champion so special?

1. Comfort height adjustment (53 – 82 cm) with yo-yo mechanism

  • Express height adjustment (69 – 114cm) only with Compact version, assembled delivery optional height adapter Express +10cm

2. Split-desktop in three versions

  • Front up (Compact version available for Front up only)
  • Left up: recommended for right handed
  • Right up: recommended for left handed

3. Interchangeable side panels in eight versions

4. Eight interchangeable accent colours

5. Easy tilt-able desktop

6. Optional giant drawer with optional cover

7. Foot base with castors

8. Cable duct made of aluminium profile with optional cover

  • Cubic and Cubicmax: mobile containers in matching design
  • Optional wireless QI-Charger
  • Various, optional universal accessories

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